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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"WHO FLUNG DUNG?" Review, The Paul O'Grady Show

Back around 2007 (maybe 2006?) I was contacted by someone from The Paul O'Grady Show asking for a few image jpegs from my book Who Flung Dung?, as it was going to be reviewed by a group of kids on air. They said they'd send me a dvd of this episode, but nothing's arrived so far... I'd never heard of this show, as I don't live in the UK, by my sister-in-law was living in Colchester at the time, so I got her to tape it for me and post it over. So here's my copy...

The kids, Matthew, Kimberley and Isaac, make me laugh every time I watch this, I thought they were great. Children give such raw and honest appraisals, and it's so wonderful to hear how much kids enjoy this book. I get feedback about this one more than any other. I'll do a post about it one day...


  1. B, I love this soo much!! It's so funny every time you watch it. The children's laughs and giggles are hilarious! Well done for making it to UK TV! Love your work :-) C

  2. I am writing and illustrating children's books too and my household is very welcoming of picture books that give us a giggle.

    My youngest most favourite book is your book, Who Flung Dung. He asks me to read it over and over. That is a sign of a good book and a cheeky child no doubt.