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Sunday, February 17, 2013

COWZAT! Interactive

In 2010 I illustrated COWZAT! by Bruce Atherton for Windy Hollow Books.

To date, this has been one of my favourite books I've illustrated, as I think the text is great, and I was pleased with how the illustrations turned out. Plus, I think this book has achieved the seemingly impossible — it's made cricket interesting!

Anyhow, last year Helen Chamberlin of Windy Hollow informed me Colour Me were keen to turn Cowzat! into an interactive book. This would mark their foray into this still relatively new medium. It was the animator there who saw the potential in Cowzat!, as my characters lent themselves to animation. So this was all an exciting prospect, as none of my previous books have been adapted in this way as yet.

Colour Me included Bruce and I in the creative process, but other work commitments and deadlines made it impossible for me to contribute anything substantial, bar one small drawing...

I take none of the credit for this app, the talented folk at Colour Me did all the wonderful work here, in particular Andy Yong who did the splendid animation. Using just my original static pictures, they've breathed life and hilarity into every corner of every picture (I scratch my head at how they did half of it). I'm amazed at the level of detail, as you'll find something new with every read. And the narration by comedian Tim Ferguson is a perfect fit!

Your kids will love COWZAT! Click here to purchase!


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