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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Toilet Humour

Today I worked on one of the more unusual commissions I sometimes get asked to do.

A friend, and avid collector of original artwork and cartoon memorabilia, had two panels on his toilet door he wanted me to fill.
Thank god the door swung outwards! I didn't fancy a day sitting on the can to paint!

I was free to come up with whatever I wanted, which is sometimes tougher than if I was given some kind of guideline. I could have done something completely random, but typically these sorts of pictures just end up looking grotesque, and I figure most people wouldn't want to look at something too grotesque whilst taking a dump. So I decided on something a tad conservative, something 'classic', though with my own spin on it...

The top panel is titled 'Fowl With A Pearl Egg Ring' (based on 'Vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring', obviously), and the bottom panel is 'Son Of Whacko' (Magritte's 'Son Of Man'). Both these pictures are not entirely new, I've had these floating about for a few years. I did semi-photoshopped versions of them a few years back when I was working on Whacko The Chook with Mark Svendsen:

They were done merely for my own and Mark's amusement. But this commission was a good excuse to do proper painted versions of them.

I got these done in one day, I didn't think I would. I intend going back to add a varnish over the top, and when I do I'll get better photos of them using a better camera...

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